Journalist Violence Showcase,


The Representative on Freedom of the Media (RFoM) operates within the OSCE (Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe), a global institution. At the 2023 OSCE Summit, RFoM aimed to showcase its projects countering journalist violence. I was enlisted as a consultant and video producer to craft their animated presentation.
The primary challenges revolved around creating a concise 2-minute video and audio spotlighting their high-fidelity prototype website and digital products. The constant communication among multiple stakeholders across the USA, Austria, and parts of Asia. Plus, my production plan helped to develop a robust pre-production phase, in which I used AI tools to create options voice in off. After analyzing the company brand guidelines, the best action for showcasing the manageability of their user interface, I was able to recreate the Ui design of their 3 websites with adobe tools and consequently animated them.
The storyboard, style frames and illustrations were also part of this preproduction phase and as result a smooth animation process led to an early project delivery, four days before the 10-day deadline.

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Art direction/ Preproduction


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Ui animation

The RFoM directed the use of screen recordings to showcase the user navigation experience. However, the perceived latency in one high-fidelity prototype posed challenges in effectively illustrating the product's potential. To address this issue, I chose to replicate all three products using screenshots of their respective Ui designs, recreating all vector elements from their design systems such as buttons, menus, and colors.