Skills: Postproduction  | Art direction |  Motion design |  Animation  |  Video production  |  Storyboarding |  Illustration  |  Sound design  |  Character design  |  Ideation   

Tools: After effects   | Illustrator |  Premier |  Audition |  Slack |  Notion | Click Up |  Gmail

As GCF Global Learning USA prioritizes fostering critical thinking in education, I, as the active motion designer and art director, played a key role in creating a dedicated video series. I led the development of all 5 videos, focusing on establishing a comprehensive art direction that aligns with GCF's requirement of "maintaining human interaction while aiming for human neutrality." Beginning with a mood board, I designed a neutral yet appealing character, using color palettes representing security, confidence, hope, and brightness (blue and yellow). The storyboard style frames featured unique illustrations depicting abstract concepts like justice, fairness, and intelligence. In the final step, I animated all 5 videos, which are now integral parts of GFC Global Learning's evergreen content on their YouTube channel.

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Animation Clips

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