of motion

Skills: Creative Design  |  Motion design  |  Art direction  |  Design |   Illustration | Typography  | Branding | Ad Design

Tools: Adobe suite  |  Photoshop  |  Illustrator 

As part of my professional development, I enrolled in School of Motion course. During this 12-week bootcamp, I completed a series of assignments that solidified my knowledge in design, creative direction, and art direction. The following images showcase projects that required building creative vision through video style frames. Each exercise aimed to capture the client's intent and the production's guideline.

On the next images, you'll see my art direction for "NASA return to Mars".

On the next images, I create style frames depicting scenes from a horror movie, 12 KM.

Frame design for a logo reveal of 6 seconds or less.

I design a static image ad for a telecom company. On the right the mood board. 


I made the following frames to illustrate motion for an upcoming event, serving as a guide for the animator.