Skills: Post-production  | Video production  |  Color correction  |  Animation  |  3D Modeling  |  Bilingual  |  Communication

Skills:  After Effects |  Premier  |  Illustrator  |  Autodesk Maya  |  Gmail

I contributed as a post-producer in a video project aiming to showcase a pharmaceutical product's benefits and capabilities. The challenges included adhering to pharmaceutical regulators' guidelines and the drug's brand guidelines while creating animations. Navigating between design and animation disciplines, I seamlessly integrated 2D and 3D elements to accurately depict the product's size and effects. Ensuring color accuracy for cells and tumors, I used techniques like color correction and frame-by-frame editing to comply with regulations and prevent misinterpretations.

VFX Breakdown

The cell video on the right needed a seamless addition of elements that match the lighting and textures.

For the human video in the bottom left, it required reconstructing unwanted areas and remaking mouth movements.