Mexican Independence Day

Commissioned by the Mexican federal government for the 2021 Independence Day celebrations, our interdisciplinary team at Bahia Media Agency created an animated video for national television and video mapping projections. As a motion designer, rigger, and character animator, my primary role involved animating large artboards tailored for video mapping. I digitized images from historical paintings, integrating them into a narrative centered around resistance.

Skills: Post-production  | Video production  |  2D rig |  Animation  |  Photo manipulation |  Communication

Tools: After Effects | Premier | Photoshop

My primary responsibility was animating large artboards specifically tailored for video mapping projections.
This required careful consideration of mathematical adjustments due to the distortion caused when projecting characters and assets onto real surfaces.
I organized the mockup for five projection areas and meticulously designed the parallax animation between screens. The resulting animation was showcased on national TV and video mapping locations.

Additionally, I disassembled the paintings to create 2D rigs (digital puppets) for animation purposes, strategically placing them in composition layouts.