The "What is?" project

Skills: Creative Design  |  Motion design  |  Art direction  |  Animation  |  Storyboard  |  Illustration |  Sound design  |  Typography  | Communication

Tools: After effects  |  Illustrator  |  Premier  |  Audition  |  Slack  |  Notion  |  Click Up  |  Gmail  |  Envato elements  |  Chat GTP elements

As the Art Director/Motion Designer for GCF Global targeting "eternal learners," I addressed key questions about video consistency and audience. In preproduction, I used data from GCF's platforms to identify 'eternal learners' and strategically created engaging, animated assets for the 20-50 age group, including teachers, young students, and writers.
In the second phase, each video was designed for a specific subset of the audience. For instance, "What is Shakespeare" targeted basic-level students, teachers, and writing enthusiasts with typography inspired by Shakespeare books. "What is Democracy?" aimed at advanced students and seniors, featuring a collage paper style inspired by voting ballots.
Establishing the basis for color, shape, and texture, I used storyboarding and style frame examples as a foundation for animation. Each video launched alongside its corresponding lesson publication, receiving an immediate and positive response from GCF users and seamlessly integrating into the “ever-green” GCF library.

Know my process!

What is money?

The video aimed to portray money as a human experience through vibrant 2D animation. I centered compositions, symbolizing money as a central force, with characters moving around it.

What is fear?

I incorporated Chat GPT early in the project to generate visual ideas. Instead of using delivered suggestions, I took a reverse engineering approach. I delved into deeper meanings behind abstract ideas, compared my notes with extended prompts to eliminate generic ideas, and mixed Chat GPT's standalone ideas with mine. My art direction contributed to a holistic visual representation, and I concluded by creating the animation in After Effects.

What is democracy?

Creating a video to define a concept that varies globally posed a challenge in achieving a unified understanding across the political spectrum. My task was to merge motion design with the script, crafting a video that portrays both literal meaning and abstract experiences.

The design prominently features elements from the human form and paper, animated in a collage style, symbolizing a voter ballot.

What is internet?

As a creative, motion designer and director for this project, I opted for vibrant and saturated colors to create contrasts between assets, aiming for a rich and lively video. I crafted a large layout composition where digital cameras were utilized to provide a smooth lateral movement in the animation, visually reinforcing the concept of data transmission in one direction.

What is Shakespeare?

The video focused on words and sentences! The art was meticulously designed and animated using Shakespeare quotes, illustrated with human proportions, intending to evoke empathy in the viewer's eyes.